Apr 5, 2007

SETTLING IST KRIEG! Remko Scha - Machine Guitars LP 1982

To the right of what you're presently reading is Remko Scha and one of his machine-played gits from back in the early 80s. He's still pulling these lovely shenanigans, which to me look sorta perverse. Well, I'll be damned! Look at the titles: Throb, Stroke, Slam, Brush. Might not exactly be as blatant as Smell & Quim's noise odyssey Porn Again (great record!), but it ain't your great aunt Rita's idea of procreation neither.
So these here machines jerk these axes off in eight different ways. "Stroke" sounds like a Neu song is about to start any moment but never does. "Shake" calls to mind that Mauricio Kagel fella's idea 'bout playing guitars with a handkerchief tied to a window fan. Never could get that idea out of my head.
If you think of these as the greatest intros never used and not as the residue of what was probably a much more interesting live performance, you'll get much more out of this. Otherwise, you'll be listening to 5-minute tracks of a sound that varies and--granted--is not without nuance while staring at the attached image with the longing of a cartoon character on a desert island, wishing his companion was a burger. Well, he ain't and that ain't either. This is part of why I don't understand reunion shows: you missed it. It's okay. And anyhow, it's never like it was because it was what it was when it was what it was. Not everything needs to be documented. If you saw it then, why would you need the record? And if you didn't have the record, you wouldn't be reviewing it. Well, I guess that's me not you.

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