Sep 12, 2010


Autre Ne Veut - s/t (Olde English Spelling Bee)
"Hypnagogic-pop" is part of that latter-day parlancery trying to substitute criticism with description: if there's an umbrella for it, ideally invented on the Internet, it must be good. The cat behind Autre Ne Veut is more in the hypnopompic-pop spectrum (if I can fire the first semantic volley at y'all candy asses), rubbing his morning wood in a permanently groggy state while the late-80s Prince record he found on Itunes the nigth before becomes an inadequately remembered dream. Wait--it would be inadequate anyway.
All the Volcanic Tongues (Shame on Heather Leigh Murray & Co for self-deprecatingly big-upping this shit biscuit!) in the world couldn't lick this thing into consciousness. People who only feel things publicly in a post-ironic-ironic state of ecstasy will have much to ooze over, however. Ferinstance, the fond remembrance of making up pop songs in front of your mirror as a lad or lass, using a brush as a microphone--not because of how fun it was, or because those songs were so great, but because of how much they miss that Ocean Pacific shirt they were wearing. Not to mention the British Knight hightops.
If your sorry ass is interested, check here first. Or eat a madeleine and shut the fuck up.