Apr 14, 2007

SUN-KISSED...OR SUNKIST? Raccoo-oo-oon - Behold Secret Kingdom (Night People 2007)

Apparently, Night People is the new Breaking World Records, which was the new Load, which was the new Bulb, which was the new Skin Graft, which was the new Zero Hour, who were all Troubleman in one way or another. I mean, just look. They're putting out music with cover art that is good because it's bad which makes it interesting which makes it boring because it's not actually related to or in reference to any of the music contained but is not creating dialectic tension either. The art on Raccoo-oo-oon's website isn't much better and even more evidence for a Mick Barr lawsuit. I'd probably like this more if it had been called Mick Barr Lawsuit than something that I would never want to say out loud.
Hey, they wear knit masks! Just like them Fort Thunder fellas! Hey, they've got atypical, fussy instruments! Well, what do you know? So do...oh fuck it. This blows and there's nothing clever about that or about anything I could write about it. It doesn't try to be any more than the things it borrows from. If someone told me this was a boyband conceived by Animal Collective and trustafarian scabies-lab No Neck Blues Band to merge the Maximillian Colby and Neon Hunk audiences and capitalize thereon, I'd nod and give them the quiet New Haven Connecticut diss under my breath and think nothing more. And neither should you. Meandering, pretentious and bo-oo-ooring. There. I've made my shitty joke for the year. Gather the wood and the nails.
You do not want this because you are better than that. Have a piece of toast instead.


Lasko said...

I'd nod and give them the quiet New Haven Connecticut diss under my breath

What does that mean? What is the New Haven, CT diss? Is it something you picked up from Charles Nelson Reilly while serving as his assistant on a pre-Broadway-or-the-hard-way production, or are you simply asserting your preference for Buddy Cianci's lizard over Jim Morrison's elm shaded penis.

I'll take your word on the Racc-ooo-ties being dull and derivative. Still, I'm curious what you have against New Haven, other than it's a boring little city located in a wealthy pisshole of a state.

s. kobak said...

Love the Blog but also wondering 'bout the "New Haven Connecticut diss." Also wondering why new weird America isn't so new and weird- discuss
blah blah blah-
s. kobak

Wrenreath said...


i grew up in new haven where we always dissed shit by saying "good one" and moving on right quick

that's all.