Apr 6, 2007

Furze - UTD CD Candlelight 2007

I got this about a month ago and have been grappling with how to write about it since. Shit, I thought that Sun City Girls would be a challenge. Hoo! I didn't know how good I had it. This isn't even in the same postal district as "challenging"!
Okay, I guess I'll start with things you can grab a hold of. It's divided into two sides (or I guess groups, considering this is a CD) that have different titles and then the songs themselves have titles. First, there is Side Death: Beneath the Odd Edge Sounds To The Twilight Contract of the Black Fascist. Then there's Side Devil: The Wealth of the Penetration In the Abstract Paradigmas of Satan. Finding this obtuse is like finding the end of your own nose.
Oh and then the titles. I've heard a bit of black metal in my day. From the Beherits to the Gallhammers [edit: new album review this week!] to the Empire of Hates and the Drastuses and on and on into utter burping blackness. And I've loved a ton of it from all parts and corners. Beherit's Drawing Down the Moon, Darkthrone's Plaguewielder (although picking a Darkthrone record is like playing favorites with your children), Bathory's Blood Fire Death, that darling little Twilight project, Blut Aus Nord's Thematic Emanations of Archetypal Multiplicity, the Vrolok/Emit split, Old Wainds' Scalding Coldness all get regular play in my abode of late. So you know where my head is when it's not wrapped up in Blues Control or that Incredible String Band LP Liquid Acrobat something or other I got for 8 bills.) But never have I seen titles like this. If you handed me the track list and told me it was for a release on Creel Pone I'd take your word as gospel. I'm not sure Salvatore Martirano would dig "Beneath the Wings Of the Black Vomit Above", but "Deep In the Pot of Fresh Antipodal Weave" would blow right up his skirt--and mine, too. I love them all!
See, this is the easy part: loving all over this disc. It's fucking brilliant! To me the best extreme metal (god, what an awful name) is a combination of brilliant and inventive ideas and almost overwhelming absurdity. Which is hard for me to say, because I'm usually so deep in love with the stuff it's hard for me to brazenly judge it. This here Furze album fits those expectations to a big ol' tee. The seemingly arbitrary song lengths, the robo-Viking axes, the occasional appearance of drumlord Frost, the slippery pavement production all tumble and wrestle each other until greatness is conceived. And then you'll hear something so child-like, so fascinated with the taste of its big toe, ol' Furze humbles the shit right out of you. Talk about drawing down the moon. He buries it in the soil and puts condos on top!
No one--mark me, NO ONE--is going to touch this in the oh7. Get everything he's done, especially the maxi-10" picture disk because the artwork is a thing of much muchnessly beauteouzation. Although the 7" has it, too.

Read about the significance of individual tracks on the Furze site. No, you really should.


jason said...

your review of this pretty much summed up the feeling on this album perfectly. this and the upcoming leviathan full length will be the only releases to look forward to this year.

Wrenreath said...

tanks! i was looking forward to whatever twilight does next, except malefic bailed and now the singer/guitarist from isis is taking his place--in a manner of speaking. no one can actually take his place, except an actual corpse.