Apr 3, 2007

Robedoor & Haunted Castle - Failed Grails dbl cass 2006 Not Not Fun

Day late & an auction short, I reckon. What can you do but listen when it comes your way & spout when someone says spout? I'll be all current someday. Believe that and I'll tell another.
I don't know about you, but this whole scene confuses the Christ out of me. Such incest, you'd think you were in Vidor, Texas. Why, just this year Robedoor and Haunted Castle got together again for a single-sided lathe-cut discus of lore where they get all in each others business, remixing and tweaking the whole affair til it's one big cloak pudding. Hoo. And that ain't even grazing the surface of the menage a quarante that is the new Tapes, Lathes, and Tight Pants genre.
This time around, they keep their hands to themselves. Nobody talking, nobody moving. Robedoor bring the slowly approaching monkcore that kids in black t-shirts everywhere wish they thought of 1st. But truthfully, this is great stuff. Trollmann av Ildtoppberg's Live From the River Styx. With all this distant crunchy clang you'd think Bruce Russell was behind the green curtain.
Haunted Castle is more Bruce Campbell, I'm afraid. Not so crazy about their two reels. "Bythos Abandoned" has some inspired moments of chewed-up cave times, but other than that this is pretty much any rumbly noise from the past 80 years never to be seen live by more than 5 people--2 have brown slacks and silly shoes, 1 has an asymmetrical haircut, 1 has a girlfriend somewhere in the world, and one is an actual girl maybe sort of. There is a place for a mess like this--it's a decent ride north from Boston and a guy name Emil is waiting there. Definitely worth a looksee just for your Band of the Week, Robedoor. Be sure to check their other great '06 shindig Hidden Ascension on Ruralfaune or wherever mp7s can be had if you're short on grip.

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