Apr 3, 2007

Necro Cult - Free demo CD-r 2007

You're talking to someone who gets Space Lady way more than Linda Perhacs. Don't know that I can unpack that, neither, but I'll try. Suzy Soundz/Space Lady's version of "Radar Love" is a thing of such whacked beauty it's almost too much. And it's clear why she's whacked. I mean, she's been playing a MIDI-ready keyboard on a street corner in San Francisco for longer than I've been breathing. Someone tosses her in a studio and, of course, the ideas she's been sleeping on since Back In the Day come to lumbering life. But ask me to explain "Chimacum Rain" or "Parallelograms" and why they are effective slivers of slivery and I'm struck dumbest of all. I'm not sure what drives ostensibly normal people to create music that my enfeebled pits cannot comprehend, like Perhacs and this fellow Necro Cult. (By the way, isn't calling your necro cult black metal band Necro Cult kind of like calling your necro cult black metal band Black Metal?) Well, maybe it's the parameters of the question, because who knows what got Suzy started in the first place?
At any rate, once you step over the usual anti-anti-isms of black metal acts, this Nocturus seems like a pretty normal fellow. No hideous scars. No tattoos that look like they were done with scrabble pieces hooked up to electric doorbells. Zilch on the sketchy fascist alliances. Narry a pimple. He's even got a nice leather jacket! Maybe he's an insomniac, like his nom de GR1M would imply, but I doubt it. So how then does he manage to run a thread between WOLD, Striborg, and someone pouring rice into a window fan? What, other than this abstracted distaste, is driving this man to so mutilate my cones? I only had it at about 34 but by the end of the fourth song, my ears were ringing. No foolin. The drums are wolves at your sorry door.
Wouldn't you know he's even charitable? All you've gotta do is drop your addy to this guy on MugSpace and he'll send you the demo free of charge--with a sticker for sinistersymmetry.com (whatever that is; I haven't looked into it yet) and a Necro Cult badge! Best zero-cents you'll never miss.
At least 56 stars.

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