Mar 30, 2007


Crash Course In Science's track "Factory Forehead" was also featured on volume 10 of the Homework series released by Hyped 2 Death. So I didn't escape after all. Get that comp, though. Seriously. Then you can hear bands like Adults and wonder why people know the Stickmen but not them. Or the incredibly beautiful song "Judas Tree" by Black Cat Bone, which sounds like Galaxie 500 -guitars +piano. Come to think of it, just get the whole series. And then get Messthetics 1-8 and the Homosexuals discography. And then just write them a random check, because they really deserve it. There is nothing in the world that compares to the contributions H2P is making to the legacy of the US and UK DIY music heyday. Soul Jazz is somewhere way down the list. H2P take up the top 15 spots.

Oh, go here.

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