Mar 29, 2007

LIVE TIMES! LIVE TIMES! WZT Hearts/Ecstatic Sunshine/Lexi Mountain Boys/Magic Markers, Drunken Unicorn ATL 3/13/07!

Hey, I did actually go to a thing! Two, right in a row. First this, then that thing with Donnie MacCormac at Northside Tavern the next night. Christ, you couldn't make that guy up if you tried. Someone oughta team him up with Tom Waits and have them tour the southern sky. [Edit: And then there was 1349 and Nachtmystium on the 27th, but that's an entirely different kinda spread.]

Lexie Mountain Boys
Slumber Party as the cast of Camp. They must be old souls.

Ecstatic Sunshine
This is basically exactly what it needed to sound like. Dual guitar Bo Hansson hoe-downs, with the fire-crotch being the vague-Asian's vicarity. I bet their car runs on a crystal radio.

WZT Hearts
Yeah, that's fine; but is my printer fixed?

Magic Markers
... The important part is I got out of the house.


people said...

I think you mixed up you're Lexie Mountain Boyseses and Wzt Heartseses as I'm pretty sure LMB is your kooky cast of ragtag misfits coming together for a variety show and WH's would be more liekly to debug your OS.

Wrenreath said...

Ah, clarity! Thank you much.

reading said...
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people said...

that said i enjoyed both sets... all really except for the magik markers that night