Mar 29, 2007

Grave - Grave 1 German LP 1975

Described to me as heavy and primitive German prog. Something should've told me right there I was in for some shit. Primitive prog? Is that like Astrolopithican Baroque? Okay, it's at least German. Except they sing in English, so maybe it isn't. God, this is a semantic nightmare. Where's Wallace Stevens when you need the bastard? Wait, his mom's a lovely lady. We had Earl Grey that one time and she showed me pictures from when lil Wally wrote haiku in crayon all over the hallway. It was just darling.
So, Grave: not so prog, questionably German, super-amateur. What's to like? "Funky Stadtkommandant" is an amazing title and the opening has some long lost Texas punk riff that's kind of charming, but then they lay on the Led Zeppelin cover bandiness. Trad Gras och Retard. Basically the issue is following up on some great opening riffs and amazing titles. Uhh, "Grave Boogie"? "Father Dead"? Totally incredible carved-notebook dropout metal titles, are they not? If only I wanted to listen to them. Something tells me they pulled the plug before the gutsy and experimental Grave 2, featuring titles like "Wooden Love", "Grave Lincoln" and "Sturmundrunnnnnk." See, I don't even have to hear it to enjoy it.

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iban said...

Can you please re upload this, cos i am searching for this one for a very long time. Many thanks :)