Mar 25, 2007

Crash Course In Science - Cakes In the Home single 1979

I mean, this is just some super-rompy girls repeating silly things about how to bring cakes inside and the importance of kitchen appliances over music that provides the missing link between Doctor Mix & the Remix and Arboga Teenage Riot--wait wait wait. Hang on. Did I really just lay that out like a yard sale? I must be overtired because that's absurd. To me, if it's fun it's probably stupid, but not necessarily vice versa. This is fun and pretty stupid, which is perfect. It cost practically nothing and since it's mad old, I never have to worry about having them open for a band I really love or accidentally meeting one of them while ordering another gin-and-tonic. Therefore, they exist in a space that I can deal with. It's dumb--especially since there's probably some thinly-veiled, poorly considered feminist diatribe going on--but it's also over before you're done laughing--assuming you find it funny for more than 6 minutes.
If someone throws this at you, catch it.

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