Mar 29, 2007

Circle X - 7" 1983

Out of the sweaty ashes of Louisville's premier punk outfit rose Circle X, all downtown-NY'ed up but giving it that Mid-South spin, like Orange Blossom Special but Mars instead of Dylan. This is way more fried than Cash's ode to bohemia, but that's to be expected. They lay on the mid-tempo slurpy dirges, with "Underworld" being the most gorgeously frumped-up jam. They harsh a buzz, I'll tell you. I found "Onward Christian Soldiers" especially apt, when you consider that almost all Catholic hymns are performed at the funeral march tempo. Something ain'ta right bout that. And anyhow, this record is as old as I am, so it's like we've grown up together. (Yeah, Murmur, too. And definitely Melissa.) Circle X went on to more academic things, collaborating with Christian Marclay and doing elaborate packaging before that was industry standard for wacked-out sounds, but I think I'll keep them just as I found them: like Flipper with a slice of brevity.

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