Apr 7, 2012

SEEMED LIKE A GOOD IDEA AT THE SLIME: More Glistening Old Crust, No Q-Tips

Snake Attack/Corporate Food 7”
Flat 1980
I heard tell this got vacuumed up by the Killed by Death comps at some point, but I ain’t lookin to lose an afternoon trackin it down. This sits and spins just swell by its lonesome! And anyhoot, if its finna get stuffed someplace, better on Ein Bunter Abend than beside the Mentally Ills. “Corporate Food,” rollicks and shouts like a new wave Ruins, but the heinous ring modulation and dickslap guitar solo are worth the entrance fee. Likewise the A side has a NDW heart but pumps the blood of Ralph Records. Love the lyrics on that one, too, and, for that, it’s my pick of the pair. (And ya gotta give it up for a WTF cover like that. --Ed.)

A Band
Lowly Worm/No Love 7”
Nancy 1979
Coming on like mid-70s Lou gripping a Mayo Thompson outtake, the A side of this Branca/Theoretical Girls-associated single is barely there in all the right ways. Fans of Michael Hurley’s weed-crumb lyrical ethos will definitely dig the dumpy slink treatment it gets here. “No Love,” on the other hand rides the rhythm that says ‘66, ‘71 and ’79 all at once with a vocal turn straight outta Mould’s jockeys. Maybe this don’t scream L.E.S. like some folk want it to, but I say, Do you really need a whole shelf fulla Arto?
Fusetron’s got this one for a short stack. I say go, since this sumbitch is slipperier than a Gucci catfish.

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