Mar 28, 2012


Walking Slow 7”
Siltbreeze SB155
Another in the tornado of Bill Direen-related rereleases sucking sheep off pastures around the globe. What is it with this guy? I maintain that ½ of the sweat over Kiwi punk/post-punk comes from the subatomic crud woven into its fidelity and production—but I never meant it as a diss! It can be a righteous boon! This little frisbee positively glows with post-Stones (the NZ one) rock-kipple, the kinda music that remains after everybody else has squeezed all the obvious tricks outta the VU. All things being equal, that’s the last time you’ll read those initials here—but at least it’s a complement. (For full disclosure, this was a consolation prize for a long and confusing shipping mishap with Siltbreeze and, lemme say, ALL IS FORGIVEN.)

A Full Cosmic Sound
s/t cassette
Fabrica 2011
Ooookay, kids: there’s “static” like Luc Mariani (good), then there’s “static” like a drone (also good), then there’s “static” like the far end of the shortwave dial (has its moments), then there’s “static” like dull late-80s English heroin music (yeah). Plink and plod as you will, even bust out a 101 bassline and some scrap instruments, but it can’t all be spacey crud. C’mon. All your neighbors have bands that sound like this. At some point, somebody’s gotta do something. What do I look like, the DNT Records distro page?
Pretty sure Tedium House has this.

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