Mar 12, 2012


Aaron Dilloway
Modern Jester 2xLP
Hanson Records HN250

Taking a wheeze from plumbing the Aussie depths whats been seepin into the States United past few years to catch up with ol’ A. Dilloway. Modern Jester is catchin all kindsa hugs & cheers from strangers & cousins. So naturally I was curious as to the makings of this monster.

I was thrown a bit, for starters, since all but one track appear on an earlier Hanson tape of the same name. But what a track: a wild little carousel nightmare called “Eight Cut Scars (for Robert Turman)” and dedicated to a recent collaborator and early 80s tape strangler famous (…? –Ed.) for small media in large containers. While the whole show’s fulla fireworks, I wanted to light this one first since it seemed the most, uh, compressed and seething. It’s brilliant, really; a kind of David Borden counterpoint for the Prick Decay epoch. The arpeggio’d tape squealings modulated so furiously, I looked over to find the cat painting the bureau with puke. Yessir. It is a nigh-perfect embodiment of what I mean when I say FYC is all about “the dirt floor D&D basement of music.”
But before I make this seem like a top-heavy event, let me get to the other aforementioned crosettes. The gatefold gives away Mr. Tom Darksmith as a co-conspirator of sorts and that is a wise name to keep in mind; fans of Total Vacuum and last year’s Million Year Spree will find much plumage to admire in this decimated road carcass. “Body Chaos” peels the paint like little else and “Shatter All Organized Activities (Eat the Rich),” defends its turf with chiseled vocal fry and more of that ol time string hassle fed in bulk through a ferris wheel of tape derision. You make it onto his porch unscathed, he’s bound to give you a nip off the bottle; you’ve earned it, son.
T'would be easy to pitch Modern Jester as a breakout work for Dilloway and his convoy of lunatics, but...haven't we already said that a few times? I do, however, feel comfy sayin this is a fine, fine record, all its cowlicks in a row as though a tidal wave about to crash in on its own skull. Nice moves!


According to the extended Hanson family blog, the second pressing is on its way. Patience is a ver-chew.

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