Feb 2, 2012


Paul Dasken
Speckled Ax 12" EP
No Label/Paul Dasken

I weren't never good at filing to begin with, but even if I were I'd have no clue where to put this. Performance art? Avant garde protest? I could snuggle it in with other late-80s leftist private press/"vanity" recycled sleeve masterpieces, but I'm afraid I'm straight-up Lee Marvin in that area. Could ya spot me?
What we get here is Mr. Dasken pulling nascent ghosts of tunes out of someone's unsuspecting piano and interrupting a preacher and George Bush, Sr, with woozy renditions of "Witchita Lineman" accompanied by a glass bottle and a stick. Woo! How many records would make Robert Haigh, the Democratic Party and Alvaro blush in unison? I'll lay bills to skills there's just the one.
Like all loner classics, Speckled Ax ain't about to distinguish between foolin and real talk--nor is it fixin to clarify whether its maker is an outsider visionary or a fringe loon with a brain fulla kipple: you gotta work it out yourself. And what self-respecting record slut would look such a workhorse in the craw?


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