Feb 5, 2012


These Wonderful Evils
Little Church LP
Sparrows & Wires/Horror Bag 2011

Maybe it's the disembodied whisper of the Suni McGrath record [I just bought] from the other room, but this plopped down in comfort county, hat back and feet up. Go ahead, get acquainted! Working with a measly edition of 200[-ish], These Wonderful Evils (one Z. Boerger) continue the odd but commendable plight of linking the Takoma legacy of modal/eastern takes on Americana (& all the gravy that's come to entail) with the kind of wobbly, time-smushing crumb of latter-day Japanese psych. To think: somebody beat Higgs to it!
But I don't wanna couch this anywhere it ain't comfy. I'd believe just about any story one could devise about this act: a lost LSD-March LP, a Rock Critics side project overseen by Dave Brock, or even something to spill out of the extended Residual Echoes convoy. Fire away. Sense is to be made, not found.

Hear or buy here.

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Manel said...

Great stuff. Thanks for the hook!