Jan 30, 2012


John Klein
...Plays the Bells of Stone Mountain Vol 1
No Label/No Date LP

Can't find a cover scan for this. Surprised? There are tourist LPs and then there are TOURIST LPs, and I ain't apt to take those distinctions lightly. One of them zither records they hock up in Helen, GA, (whats fulla icky Beatles covers) would fall in the former, while Iceberg's Does It Live from the land of Disney would fall in the latter. This is definitely listing toward the latter. The Bells of Stone Mountain are actually several hundred electronically triggered whatsits which, I hope, occasionally accompany the world's largest laser show they throw at Stone Mountain--assuming Klein ain't shit the bed yet. Though, I suppose they could prop him up and...well, that ain't my field. Just sayin, since it seems from the liners he's the most qualified carillon player on this green world.
This is all trads and covers, of course, but the queasy tonal decay is sure to churn all those funnel cakes you just scarfed in front of trinket booth #94 into gray-water but QUICK. Sure, Joplin's "The Entertainer" sounds tame enough at first, but when all those tinkling bells start shift to the red, you'll shift to beer.
I tell ya, local droopery awaits at the back of every crate. Think of it as history on a microscopic level, where all the real weirdness doesn't happen in space, Washington D.C., or at the bottom of the Atlantic: it's happening right now in your neighbor's basement. You see this for more than 50 cents, start throwing elbows.


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