Jan 16, 2012


I shudda done more promotin for this little broadcast--I mean, apart from the one-liner I sent out to about 12 people last night--but c'mon people. Can I really be expected to hold up such a bargain? This is for all y'all, sans loot, available whenever your wheezy little whim flexes. I gotta poke and pester ya, too?

It's been a long night. The title comes from Lee Marvin's song in Paint Your Wagon, but I took the song out and left the title cuz it seemed like a good'un for breakin the seal.

Don't remember much else about it's makin'. All I know is about 3 hours after I started I woke up in a tub fulla codeine and I ain't talkin a fancy tub. Only clawfoot in sight was mine.

I also wanted to use this fine occasion to name my RECORD OF 2011! One track off it appears on the mix, though I coulda used many. Just seemed like the right fit. This young feller spooked me right outta my drawers a few years ago and I aint' pulled em back up yet. It's Dan Melchior's Assemblage Blues, what everybody's been talkin up. Deserves them laurels and a bushel more. Stylistically, it feels like Peter Hammill skipped right from Nadir's Big Chance to A Black Box without even askin if yer ready (Pete is from Ealing, after all). There's all manner of plunder and mischief in these little tinctures and I'd wager there's plenty more where they came from. I was so sucked in, I just got round to Catbirds and Cardinals a week ago! (It's good, too!) So here's to Mr. Melchior and here's to my first hamfisted jab at mixtapes for the peoples. All 8 of you. Cheers!

contact Siltbreeze at sltrx@pil.net to get yer copy of the aforementioned!

(link changed due to megaupload shutdown. Man, the folks over at Mutant Sounds must be cryin in their mead right about now!)

Charlie Tweddle – Untitled (from Fantastic Greatest Hits)
Philip Perkins – Bird Variations #1 (from Neighborhood With A Sky)
Shagrat – The Coming of the Other One (Think Pink Version) (from Pink Jackets Required)
Dan Melchior – Riding Like Rommel (from Assemblage Blues)
Dr John – Glowing (from Babylon)
Richard Bone – R.K.M. (from Life In Video City)
Peter Hammill – A Motorbike In Afrika (from The Future Now)
Departmentstore Santas – Hey (What’s Going On Here) (from At the Medieval Castle…)
Inflatable Boy Clams – I’m Sorry (from their 2x7")
Uncredited remix

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