Dec 30, 2011


Graham Lambkin
Amateur Doubles LP
Kye 2011

What pray tell is the sound of one man, one woman and one child listenin, you might ask? On this, the latest missive from the Lambkin camp, tis Graham and the clan, two classic platters uh fronch prog circa '75/'76 CE, and a Honda (also CE, I reckon). No, this ain't Graham runnin over sonny's big wheel while Richie Pinhas stirs a cocktail, but it do crunch & whimper just the same. Amateur Doubles continues your boy's streak of appropriated musics and environs a la Salmon Run, but I pegged Graham for a channel surfer back in the Tart epoch. You won't hear no Spanish lady counting for long dead operatives, but you will here the gentle embrace of Dutchess County innersections. And, of course, ya can count on all the time benders and detunes Poughkeepsie traffic surely inspires. Ok look see, it's hard to doll up a thing that sounds like itself, but I pegged Graham for that, too, a way's back. (It's a compliment, sure as God's holy!) What I can't figure is why nobody's chatted up the familial aspect here. We're all use-ta hearin Pole and Grancher holed up in our headphone trenches, but how many of us ever let em out of the house a spell? Blow the dust off, ya know? C'mon, they're family, right? Let em live a little! Some Amish among us is afraid just ta press the play button!  What, contempo plunderers is just supposed ta chip away at the garbage and leave the good shit on the shelf? 

Ask me, this shouldn't seem like sucha brave ride to Stop & Shop (though I sometimes had to belt a few just the same, but I were pushin carts), but it is. Which is why I'm closin this FYC year with another pat on Kye's back. Good hunting, my dear bothers! Oh wait, they've got a few. And you thought I wudn't gonna hook it up this holiday season.

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