Nov 23, 2011

BLANKSGIVING AHOY: An amuse bouche before the feasties and the beasties

Oneohtrix Point Never
Replica LP 2011
Software/Mexican Summer

I ain’t yet put my eyebrows down from Returnal, and here comes another full one from Mr. Lopatin, here channelin all sortsa mid-80s local TV creepouts to outstanding effect. Kinda great how your boy just about chalks the line between Ryuichi Sakamoto’s score for Royal Space Force (the less Mickey Mousey bits, anyhoo) and that Two Daughters record, if you can snort such a bump. Less grim than the latter and definitely less cheesy than the former, but a spot on the shelf he’s nonetheless cleaned off. I also hear the alleged DJ Screw binges a lot more here than befo’, though all this gum-waving don’t do the business like this. And If ya think ya needsa Brittanica-scale recall of synth gear to enjoy these sides, I advise you to put yer RAM to better use. That’s just ain’t the key, pally!

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