Oct 17, 2007

LET ME SHOW YOU THE COLD LIGHT - Cadaver In Drag, undressed & exhumed

Having received the stamp of Heaviness from Sir Julian Cope, Cadaver In Drag are probably on their way to, well, what all those Album of the Month bands are destined: Southern Lord and some limited to 13 220-gram purple-and-bacon-grease-colored LPs, then a dreamy, fuzzy drift into obscurity. (Okay, BOC are the exception.) So before the shark is suitably jumped following their impressive new LP on Animal Disguise and Stephen O'Malley gets his mitts on them, let's take a look at The Road To Cope.

Cadaver In Drag - Made Impure one-sided cassette, American Grixxly 2005 Seriously? You couldn't swing another 14 minutes of this and just balance the c30? Well, I've got a Shitty Listener single-sider and I can't say it changed my life, but I dug it proper. So I tried to unskew my ears for once. That said, this is okay. Volcanic bass drones and watery cymbal skins. Super slow, super boxy. Your basic Halloween backdrop doom. Basement Wormphlegm demos. How many more incomplete sentences can I toss at you? While this was indeed okay, it's guilty of one of the highest crimes in my court: no fun to talk about, no fun to write about, no fun to read about. I mean, am I joshin? You tell me! That is to say, If you're awake. I had all the details worked out by the second listen, so the third and fourth were really just to refresh.

Cadaver In Drag - Full of Hatred cassette, Animal Disguise 2005
Well, even with the legacy of Man Is the Bastard in mind, this was a surprise. Crossed Out? Siege? No Comment? Where'd all the San Diego crustcore come from? They do it well, frankly. This is the sore thumb so far, but everyone needs a Brighter Than A Thousand Suns or Trans on their resume, y'know? Woke me out of warbly slumber for a minute.

Cadaver In Drag - Ruined Organs cassette, Blood Red 2006
Barely cracking 15 minutes, this is the choicest so far, which I suppose makes sense. The Ey-side wanders into Masonna/RRRecords territory which had me itching for the FF, but Side-Be walks a way more interesting and rewarding line to me. Drony noise with a strange, thuddy undercurrent--before, again, mistakenly Merzing it up. That stuff is fine, but do we really need more of it? I'm leary of the idea that someone is going to pump new life into the rrrrrbzzzzzzzzzzzzzbrrrrbbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrhisssssssssssssssssssssssss genre.

So when exactly did they make the change to stripped and dipped spacey simplicity? A beautifully reduced sound? Who the shit knows. My journey left me holding the same pile of sand, seeing not the sand but a mystery, a marvel there in my hand. Every time you do this, you are part of the circus of Dr. Lau.

Get the new one because it's fun and check out the tracks on their guyspace. Surely you can outwit me. I don't know. The Mammal stuff is probably better...hmm.

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