Dec 23, 2007

FRIENDS ARE VISITING FROM HELL - A 20-pack of black metal magnetics

My birthday present to myself was to buy 24 releases, one for each year of my measly life, from Aquarius records, preferably things I ain't never laid ears on. Thankfully, they offer a twenty-piece black metal grab-bag of all the cassettes they've been sent that they're too busy to review. Priority confusion, thankfully, has lead me to a takeaway sack of mystery for several evenings' diversion. Lord knows I need more diversion. They got here about 6 days late, but whatever. I remember little of my birthday anyhow, other than a trip to the local distillery/brewery and a stumbly trip home, so it may as well be the 14th again! After six dozen cups of light roast coffee (less roast=more caff!), I was ready to tackle the tower. (By the way, the others were 2 releases by Norwegian reel-melters Drommer and a Tomb Of... cassette that they were out of. So apparently it's for my 22nd berfday.) Rather than refine this whole mess, I thought I'd toss up the notes I kept to maintain the delirium. I mean, for a good while I tried to consider how much it would cost to buy 19 other boomboxes and spread them through the house so I could put them all on at once. I need to have a lie-down just thinkin' about it.
At any rate, let me present the first installment of a two-part series. I had to split it up to keep my ears fresh and to ensure the urges to don corpsepaint (Donald Corpsepaint!), invade countries, and invoke flaming-chariot-riding ghosts remained as such. Exceptin the last one. Who can resist, really?

Istorn - Demo 1, 2004, Fossbrenna Productions (distributed domestically by Tour de Garde)
norwegian, natch cooing in background??? on tracks 2+3
what i call "big toe fixation"

neaderthal hypnotism, accidental krautrock/d-beat
what else is there to do in Norway except drink beer and wait patiently for Hammafest?
oh and mountains of course

Natural Change - Helvetica (Espace Mitterlland) 1, 2006, Northern Sky Productions

northern sky folded, too bad

distro says something like "made by someone who is probably not right in the head"
can't find any further info
guessing this is american
wow! 94 stars!
i love all the black metal stuff that, if it were released in 1982 on a German synth tape imprint would be worth mad $$$$$$ deez dayz

ethnomusicological context dispute:
pierre henry/glenn branca approach


mad scientist/meth lab approach::
who thought more and why should i care?

(wow, there is a lot about my attitude toward music that's just been reconsidered)

bad titles oops


Lado Obscuro - O Inferno por ..., Intolerant Records, 2006

flames of hell play the best of Mayhem

"adolfo hitleramirez on vibes..."

charred muppet voxxx

what's more "black metal": # of trips to the boneyard or musicianship?

Burning Blood - Unholy, self-released, don't know the year

Cherman...and national socialist--whoops!

super-treated, WREST-ian vocals

messy and stumbly, but kind of appealing
i mean, who really agrees with any musician's politics?

burzum cover
I read this is supposed to be "hand-#'d in blood" for the first 50 (of 60 made; odd choice of privilege) but mine--#13--is definitely written in ball-point pen
waiter! oh, waiter! there's a lie in my soup! C'mon, I want some National Socialist blood on my cassette insert! Is that so much to ask?
this one deserves another spin

Aymrev Erkroz Prevre (A.E.P.) - Noir voyage obstrue de rencontres difformes, Infernal Kommando, distributed domestically by Tour de Garde

with giger-y cover ta boot, so i probably wouldn't pass this up if i saw it in a shop
dark ambient in possibly the most obvious way...possible

left the earth and won't ask which way to cthulu--he's gonna find it himself!
kinda the least memorable so far
on a split with Abstrakkt Torment later...fuck

Loits - Ei Kahetse Midagi, Night Birds Records, ltd 500

self-described as "flak'n'roll" as in the anti-aircraft gun--but isn't that a stinger? or are those just the shoulder-mounted ones?
not gettin the rock'n'roll bit they were talkin on

much much graveland

nocturnal projections guitar sound!

rites of spring parts--no, as in dischord recs

instrumental sounds like "battle of epping forest" if it were on "ride the lightning"

& i'm picturing slo-mo deposed military statues
not sure where that leaves us

Korium - Mraziva noc prinasa pokoj, Ravenheart Productions,
ltd 500
one-man Slovakian side-scroller nightmares
barks-and-bugs-eating cave dwellers storm a Slovak game show and pummel Rod Roddy to death with mossy boulders, then try to roll themselves up in his rhine-stone-dotted glittery skin like a sleeping bag Toby Hooper-style

then some tyrant trooper parts for added debauchery
inside it reads "Magnificent Winter Is the Gallery Of Real Dream"

here here!
i could live on inspiration like this for months--when can he move in?

worth all 80 ducets

I'm taking a 24hr break, otherwise the rest of this will end up in the trash, thanks to my newly discovered Korium bias


Lubrik Hate - Negative Destiny, re-release on Infernal Kommando, distributed domestically by Tour de Garde
ltd 250
one-man, Fronch
Smell & Quim-y porno noises + "corpses rolling down a hill" black metal


new kind of necrophilia

plus the track's called "spectranal"--was this the payoff of a dare?

got that monastic echo by way of Urfaust vocals, although the chant bits could be any instrument including a vacuum or a bowed fjord

skronky solo--a superbly bad idea superbly done

fade from "Human's Fate" to "Negative" life is fucking great: old sad Euro strings on a distant radio, or maybe just deserted in a snowstorm

if Abruptum had they're shit together ... well, they wouldn't be Abruptum

strangely melodious, also strangely triumphant for something that professes such allegiance to frumpy funerals

i mean shit there's a toothless skull with a point-blank bullet wound on the cover

drum machine good idea, especially for the unwarranted dub-step intro-fills

of course, no bm cass is complete w/o a slippery acoustic number


Portal - Lurker At the Threshold, Beer In Your Ear Records 2006

this is the only band in the batch I've heard before

OOP already

guess this is 3 rehearsals/demos from the new rec --so it's like an ultra-rare promo?
rattly, stumbly, droney, muddy--yup, sounds like Portal

wow, IQ-droppingly heavy

got those inexplicable Dusk (the one from Green Bay) slurpy basslines

parts don't "match" per se, but they feel right

how do you really judge rehearsals?

I guess I'm curious to see what they're like all finalized and purdy


Szarlem - Cryptic Winter demo, 2006, Northern Sky Production


ltd 300

insert is all folded with hand-writ bm scrawl

"Black Metal" looks like "Blair Metal"

"Bathory" looks like "Berfday"--how fitting!

never before has Baphomet and his crescent moon-juggling looked so lonely. Maybe it's all that white paper; he's like a forgotten chess piece.
surprisingly short, kinda average straight-up Norwegian stompers

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - Hora Nocturna, Propaganda Records
ltd 666, cd version is ltd 2500 from a different label
I'm pretty sure everything on Propaganda is ltd to 666
es der steaz
figure it's worth mentioning that they're fronted by a lay-dee
Dissection and Watain big time with some minor Emperor presence, though I like this more than both Dissection and Emperor of late
almost as fast as Thunderbolt, which is saying something; probably tighter, too
appropriately trollish at times
layout's all professional, which makes sense seeing as this is the most pro-sounding tape yet
why isn't this huge? it could be, for all i know. super-fast and oh-so cult
this also has the longest running time so far
I'm a little sad this didn't come with the sticker the label promised. Maybe I'll return my unused portion.

Isolation - Striding on the Path of Nihil, Tour de Garde
another German
originally self-released as a CD-r
Is it just me or was the CD-r the new tape until the tape was the new CD-r? or is it the new tape? again?
Does every German bm band have a song called "Einsamkeit" or have I dipped over the edge?
BETHLEHEM! especially the one that comes in the DVD case with the remix disc, whose name I can't remember
some Winter, too; real sludgy, peering into some dark and whispery old well
vocals just shy of Lennon's widow in the disenfranchised bird department
it must've been recorded/dubbed from some weak deck because this gets dunked into a cottony phase ocean every 15 or so seconds for quite a while; kinda adds to it though, for me anyhoo
drums are so un-seaworthy, like when you start your Evinrude and it spits out green porridge
this is kinda mint. The melodies are all sideways and chimey.
I want moor

Just 8 to go...stay tune-d.

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